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Platinum coating technology

Nitinol wire used in the Cocoon PFO Occluder is coated with Platinum atoms (up to 25 microns) using nano fusion technology by plasma deposition

Raw nitinol
Platinum coating

Platinum coating makes the Cocoon PFO Occluder:

More radiopaque

Key highlights

  • Self-expanding, self-centering double disc device with unique Platinum coating
  • Device is filled with polypropylene fabric to assist thrombogenicity
  • Ability to recapture and redeploy*


  • Right atrial disc diameter (Ø1)
  • Left atrial disc diameter (Ø2)
  • Waist length (L1)
  • Total length (L2)

*Recapture and redeployment is possible only if delivery cable is securely connected to the disc.


Technical specifications

Catalog number Right atrial disc diameter (Ø1)
Left atrial disc diameter (Ø2)
Waist length (L1)
Total length (L2)
Sheath Size (F) Cable Code
CPF18 18 18 3 5 8 6
CPF25 25 18 3 5 8 6
CPF2525 25 25 3 5 8 6
CPF3025 30 25 3 5 8 6
CPF30 30 30 3 5 8 6
CPF35 35 25 3 5 9 6

Sizing recommendations

Distance from defect to aortic root or superior vena cava (Consider shortest distance) Suggested Cocoon PFO device size Right atrial disc diameter (Ø1) (mm) Left atrial disc diameter (Ø2) (mm)
Less than 9 mm Do not implant    
Between 9 and 12.4 mm CPF18 18 18
Between 12.5 and 14.9 mm CPF25 25 18
CPF2525 25 25
Between 15 and 17.4 mm CPF3025 30 25
CPF30 30 30
More or equal to 17.5 mm CPF35 35 25

Consider shortest distance from defect to aortic root or distance from defect to superior vena cava orifice (mm)


Usable lengths of compatible accessories (cm)

Usable Length (cm)
  8F 9F
Sheath 78 78
Dilator 83 83
Loader 10 12

Delivery cable

Description Profile (inch) Length (cm) Catalog Number
6F Delivery Cable 0.077 117 CDC6F

Preclinical studies

Images from pre-clinical trials of closure device depicting neoendothelialization.Pigs were sacrificed at 36 and 42 days.

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