Tapered radio-opaque tip

For better visibility of the balloon during PCI procedure


Uniquely tapered soft tip

  • Ultra low and softer penetration
  • Optimum crossability
  • Minimum vessel wall trauma

Enhanced pushability & trackability

  • Highly flexible distal shaft
  • PTFE coated proximal shaft

Kink resistant shaft

  • Specifically designed for balloon catheter

Technical specifications

Guiding Catheter Compatibility: 5F

Balloon Material Nylon 12
Balloon Fold 3-fold memory
Balloon diameter 2mm-4.5mm
Balloon length 9mm-49mm
Tip entry profile 0.016″ (0.41mm)
Excellent deflation time Average less than 8 seconds
Shaft diameter Proximal 1.95F, Distal 2.67F
Catheter length 140cm
Rapid exchange length 25cm
Markers on the proximal shaft 90cm and 100cm
Maximum recommended guidewire 0.014″ (0.36mm)
Guidecatheter compatibility 5F Compatible

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