MIDAAS is an IT system for the research-oriented intervention cardiologists struggling with patient data management and analysis.

MIDAAS was developed in a joint venture between the technology division & the medical devices division of the group, by applying the engineering background to the needs of the interventional cardiologists, with the goal to address major shortcomings for the intended user with a simple-to-use device. MIDAAS and its holistic approach to solving the pain points for intervention cardiologists is the beginning of the Sahajanand group’s foray into the healthcare IT world, where the continued synergy between the engineering background and the healthcare background of the group will continue to resolve numerous other bottlenecks.

For Intervention Cardiologists struggling with management of their procedure CDs, MIDAAS is the innovative solution that allows you to turn them into organized & accessible data and perform key high value evaluations.
The primary advantage of MIDAAS is the easy to learn & easy to use QCA capability built into the system. You are now empowered to do the powerful analysis right at your clinic without the need to send it to a Core Lab and bear the high premiums.
In addition to the QCA capabilities, the system also enables you to analyze your pool of cases based on various factors like stent thrombosis, MACE, MI and many more.
All of this is built into a portable device. So you can store all of your cases in one place, organize it based on your preference, access it at a moment’s notice and conduct all the necessary evaluations.

In all sense, MIDAAS is the ultimate tool for the individual researcher.

How to apply in your practice…

1) Import all of your previous cases onto the system in an easy 1-click step
2) Begin dynamic analysis of your pool of cases
3) Conduct further in-depth analysis on a case-by-case basis (QCA)
4) Have all of your thoroughly analyzed data at your fingertip, whether using it for presenting or publishing

Special / Highlight features

  • One step angiogram import
  • Smart information collection, grouping of follow-ups
  • Fuzzy keyword tagging and tag cloud
  • User and role-based permissions
  • Integrated dashboard, eCRF, QCA and angiogram viewer
  • Uncompressed data storage providing unmatched image quality
  • Open ended HTML and PDF reports
  • Image and sequence export to various formats for presentation
  • Recreation of an angiogram CD from database, exporting entire sequence, generating reports


To view more details, please visit www.midaassoftware.com

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