Picture1 Measure the response to your anti platelet therapy when it is needed the most. The AggreGuide A-100 is now FDA cleared.

About the AggreGuideTM

In 1998, the light scattering aggregometry was invented to assess the platelet function and its activity by scientists at Brigham Young University and the University of Utah, who were associated with the Utah Artificial Heart Institute. Aggredyne has perfected this technology. With the AggreGuide, unprocessed whole blood, which has been collected in a standard blue top tube (citrate), is simply added to the disposable test cartridge that contains the freeze dried test reagent. In a few minutes, the results are displayed on the AggreGuide’s touch screen. That’s all there is to it. The AggreGuide A-100 tests platelet function one parameter at a time, while the AggreGuide A-600, which is under develpment, is a fully automated instrument that tests the entire platelet drug panel simultaneously, without the need to pipette blood.

AggreGuide A-100*

The AggreGuide A-100, is a simple, inexpensive, rapid, laser-light scattering platelet aggregometer that analyzes and measures a patient’s platelet function (stickiness). This AggreGuide can analyze and measure the response to anti platelet therapy including: Aspirin and ADP inhibitors like clopidogrel (Plavix®). The A-100 provides these results in less than five minutes. It requires little hands-on time and uses a single standard blue tube of whole blood. This test uses no reagent mixing, no centrifugation or blood preparation and use of a single channel disposable cartridge. (see video below on A-100 procedure).

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