Everoflex is a unique combination of the everolimus, the proven drug and a blend of three biodegradable polymers and has been extensively tested in the “Supra” range of products. The unique blending of biodegradable polymers makes it more durable and very thin (just 4 – 6 microns in thickness) and at the same time helps it achieve a precise drug release, thus ensure safety and efficacy of the PCI procedure for the patient.


Unique ultrathin strut thickness of 60µ with L605 cobalt- chromium platform resulting in lower crimped profile, better crossability and open cell design with ‘S-Link’ providing unmatched flexibility and trackability without compromising radial strength.

Everoflex – Release Kinetics

  • Designed to release drug at a sustained rate
  • Nearly 80% of the drug is released in 4 weeks
  • Remaining drug is programmed to get released at a slow rate for about 3 months

Everpflex graph

Everoflex has a sustained drug release pattern, which improves the overall safety, while maintaining the efficacy Drug Dose : 1.0 µg/mm2

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