The Easy-Catch+ with its unique push-pull button valve opener is easier, safer and cleaner to use.


  • For easy, fast and accurate single handed intra vascular device insertion
  • The push-pull mechanism eliminates the need of screwing and unscrewing of the valve
  • It also helps in rapid and efficient device insertion
  • The haemostatic valve system permits simultaneous contrast medium injection and device positioning, a major advantage during stenting procedures where an accurate placement is required
  • Perfect insertion device respecting the integrity of the coated surface
  • Combination of a heamostatic valve and an integrated push-pull button valve opener
  • Cleaner and safer procedure with a minimized backflow thus limiting the blood loss
Inner Lumen Compatibility 7F / 0.092″ / 2.33 mm maximum
Pressure Resistance (1) after Introduction of a Device 8 atm. maximum
Metallic Insertion Tool
External Diameter 2.7 F / 0.90 mm
Inner Lumen Diameter 1.9 F / 0.025″ / 0.63 mm
Usable Length 10 cm
Guidewire Compatibility From 0.010” minimum to
0.014″ maximum

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