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1.Our Employees

All of us are "At Home" However, we will continue to be at service from our makeshift home office arrangements so that your business with us remains unscathed.
We are practicing "Social Distancing" All meetings & interactions are occurring via web platforms. Thanks to technology & the world wide web.
Yet we are not "Disconnected" We are looking out for each other and our families. Teams are working towards ensuring safety of employees and checking on everyone’s wellbeing with updates and awareness communication across board.

2.Our Manufacturing Plants

For all those who necessarily need to be at our manufacturing units, we are strictly abiding with standard protocols of safety & sanitization
  • All transportations to and fro the plant are being sanitized before and after use.
  • All employees need to use sanitizers before boarding these transports.
  • Protective masks distributed and made compulsory to wear within the premise.
  • Sanitizers installed at all entry & exit points.
  • Monitoring of body temperatures for any personnel entering the plant.
  • Hourly Sanitization of common areas likes lobby, corridors & cafeterias.
  • Hour long gaps between shifts at work discouraging social interaction and congregations of any nature.
  • Biomatrix systems have been put on halt & Vitamin C supplements are provided to all employees daily.

3.Our Supply Chain Management Safeguards

Thanks to a vigilant & zealous team, we are able to maintain our supplies. Here too we have taken significant safeguards
  • Avoiding physical contact & use of disinfectant spray while receiving or dispatching a cargo (both domestic & international).
  • Using hand gloves wherever plausible and try and collect all materials at one go.
  • Storing the earlier disinfected materials in designated location and storage areas.
  • Mandatorily wear face masks at all times. Travel in private vehicles as much as possible and avoid local transportation.
  • Avoiding handshakes, only use nods and waves as means of greetings.
  • Housekeeping to disinfect used areas and workstations (including desktops & laptops) once every half hour.


We are always alert. Our internal COVID-19 rescue committee is working 24/7 and is ever prepared to attend to any red flags across the organization
These are those times when we all rally for well-being and self-care. We are doing our bit, keeping everyone safe and sending out vibes that "This too shall pass"