We are looking for people “who are ambitious, love challenges and have a passion to excel!”

With career options spanning technical, sales, marketing, supply chain, finance, human resources and various other functions, SMT offers a wide range of opportunities. We believe in offering continuous development that will enable people to grow and maximize their potential. We are looking for outstanding talent and future leaders. As we achieve milestone after milestones we invite you to be part of this exciting journey and assure you that the exposure and experience would be unparalleled.

In prospective employees we value,

  • Outstanding academic achievement
  • Comfort with quantitative analysis
  • Significant professional experience
  • Powerful communication skills
  • Demonstrated leadership

We are a fast growing organisation scaling new heights time and again. We at SMT, share a common goal, common passion and equal determination to achieve them. If you think you have same attributes, urge and hunger to succeed as SMT, drop us a mail at careers@sahmed.com

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