Dhirajlal Kotadia, Ratan Tata of Surat!
Completing the dreams come true of 'NANO' car, the eminent industrialist Ratan Tata becomes center of attraction and he magnetizes the humanity of the world by manufacturing a car appeal rupees one lac, affordable worth for middle class. And like-wise to accomplish the same sort of dream of the world's deprived and middle class people by the renowned industrialist of Surat who positions India as well as Surat on the peak of the world and whose creation becomes life-line by unremittingly beating in the heart of thousands of people. Of course, we are discussing about the Chairman of the Sahajanand group Mr. Dhirajlal Kotadia who ascertained a diminutive 'Stent' in India and becomes focal of lure allover.
When we reached at his corporate office on fourth floor at Dabholi Char Rasta, we could not deem that the fellow was such a colossal person. How simple, humble and down to earth! Whilst telling his struggling journey with a smile on his face, Mr. Dhirajlal reached in his past life.
He utters “I was born in a small village nearby Bagsara in Saurashtra where I did my schooling. After completing my Diploma in Electronics & Sound Engineering from A.V.P.T, Rajkot, I started 'Dhiraj Agency' in Chennai. In this small firm, I sold modern home appliances. I frequently had to come to Surat at my in-laws' house, here I observed Surat's two top businesses, Textile and Diamond and I found they were meager in technology. In 1987, I have sold 'Dhiraj Agency' and established 'Sahajanand Laser Mechanics' Company. I noticed that low quality Weft Controller, which were used in Textile, consumed more energy. Light which was used in it also got diffused often. Consequently, it was expensive and generated trouble in manufacturing. We established 'Electronic Weft Controller' by using Infrared Sensor and made available to the Textile Industry of Surat a better option. And same breed of feelings I felt for Diamond Industry. Same old sort of process/work sustained in Diamond Cutting as was used in 80's. We are the first, who provided the country with laser cutting machine which contained many features and which was manufactured in India therefore production time was abridged. (Today, glimmering products and such turnover of Diamond Business is somewhat due to Sahajanand). Afterward the name 'Sahajanand Laser Mechanics' was changed to 'Sahajanand laser Technology' in 1993. Our company developed Diamond Processing Systems which are obliging in every step of production in Diamond industry. Up till 1990, our contribution in International Diamond processing was only 20% which augmented to 80% due to Sahajanand Laser Machine. Israel and Belgium placed us behind. Dhirajlal humbly accepted that after using Sahajanand Laser System, Diamond Company had five lacs new-fangled vacancies. In recent times, 85% Diamond Processing System in India is of Sahajanand!
There is an immense success of technology up-gradation in Textile and Diamond Industries. Then why are you developing Stent in the field of Medical?
Dhirajlal pointed out the case of Saiyedpura, since always he honestly wanted to help the poor. He says "I was stunned on seeing the poor fellow who even didn't have shoes to protect his feet and thought in past I too didn't have any money to purchase shoes. Even I did my diploma and engineering by receiving scholarship. One day, I noticed out a fellow who was probing money in his pocket to disburse for his medication but I came to know that he didn't have money. I paid for his medicine  but then  after couldn't sleep the-
'Drug Eluting Stent (DES)’ was used instead and cost of a single Stent was one lac rupees. In 2003, Sahajanand introduced 'Infinnium' drug eluting Stent in the market. After suitable changes in this DES Sahajanand introduced 'Non Polymer Non Carbon Coated DES' whose cost is semi than the American Stent. Moreover friends, 5 to 7 years technologically lagged India turns out to be leader as of the western countries owing to Sahajanand. The uppermost five Stent manufacturing company all over the world, solitary is Dhirajlal's Sahajanand Medical Technologies. Sahajanand grows to be India's primary and distinct Stent manufacturing company since 1999 and exports in 30 countries. Subsequently Sahajanand Medical Technologies has made five different sorts of Stent and are up till acknowledged by the cardiologists over the world if it might be Stent implanted in their hearts they are obliged to implant Sahajanand's Stent merely. Dhirajlal informs, we have started with purely with solitary aim; surgical treatment and aids ought to be affordable by our populace by taking into consideration affordable price is the foremost step. And our novel upcoming company Sahajanand BioTech by means of innovative and cheapest medicine. By asking what will it? Dhirajlal responded wait and watch. But will it be a more flourishing than Stent? Dhirajlal utters “It will be a major breakthrough in treatment of life endangering diseases.” All the best Dhirajlal!!
Sahajanand's Stent! Strength Guaranteed!
The uppermost five Stent manufacturing company all over the world, Dhirajlal's Sahajanand Medical Technologies from Surat is also moderately paramount amid these four as because only Sahajanand Medical Technologies guaranteed of providing the dominant performance biodegradable polymer Stent. As stated by the chairman, Shree Dhirajlal Kotadia, by assorted investigations and our efforts insurance company is ready to endow with insurance policy for Stent. Consequently after implanting Sahajanand Medical Technologies' Stent if there will be any sort of trouble cause in one year, entire cost of patient's care will be given by the insurance company. No other company in the world provides such a breed of guarantee.
intact night and thought what can I do for such sort of thousands and lacs of patients? Abruptly, one day I read in “Gujarat Samachar” newspaper the process of implantation of Stent to increase the blood flow in the blocked Heart Coronary Artery by Angioplasty. Mind was continually thinking for those patients who couldn’t afford the worth as because the price is higher for Stent when we import it. Along with aspire in mind; I started amassing information/content concerning Stent. By impending closer to Stent, I realized it’s a work of Metal so necessitates engineering support. This is our work. Why is it unfeasible for us? Although Congregating the Medical Doctorate of Mumbai, couldn't acquire adequate information but didn't undergo anxiety. I visited at S.V.N.I.T of Surat, rummaged around many books again convened Medical Doctorate. But every one has alike replied, the whole project details would be available after one and half year. One and half year! It’s an extensive time gap. Hence in 1998, I accepted the challenge and equipped Stent design. And after that the tale is at the front of all and sundry. All Cherished reader for your information, Balloon Angioplasty, through which Stent is implanted, was discovered in Switzerland in 1977. Furthermore, first Stent was too implanted in Switzerland in 1986. Authorization was given by American F.D.A.A. in 1994. For the first time in India, Stent was implanted by AIIMS (All India Institute of Medical Sciences) in 1991 including numerous complications. In actual fact, Stent at international assured had not been manufactured in India during 1994-95. Johnson & Johnson's Stent 'PLAZ' and Medtronics Stent 'VICTOR' were only Stents introduced in India as well as entire world which are manufactured in America. Friends, at that juncture India and Western countries' Technology has 5 to 7 years technology difference and in that duration Mr. Dhirajlal accepted the defy of designing qualitative except economical Stent. And after numerous trials, Sahajanand Medicals has launched its “Bare Metal Stent (BMS)” “Millennium”  in  2000   in  the  market.  After  2000, many revolutionize  had been done  in  this Stent and-
2008 : Golden Jubilee Award for outstanding performance in exports (The Southern Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and Industries)
2006 : I.M.C. Ramakrishna Bajaj National Quality Award (Indian Merchant Chamber)
2004 : Outstanding Business Person of the year (The Southern Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and Industries, Surat)
2003 : Best Entrepreneur (Federation of Gujarat Industries)
2003 : Business Person of the year (Surat Gesis Chapter)
2003 : Best Export in S.S.I. (The Southern Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and Industries, Surat)
2002 : Samaaj Ratna (Sardar Patel Seva Trust)
2002 : Udyog -2002 (The Southern Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and Industries, Surat)
2001 : Udyog Ratna (Institute of Economics Studies)
2000 : Momento of Appreciation (Saurastra Jal Dhara Trust, Surat)
2000 : Udyog – 2000 (The Southern Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and Industries, Surat)
1997 : Udyog – 2000 (The Southern Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and Industries, Surat)
1995 : I.M.T.M.A Award (Indian Machine Tools Manufacturing Association)