Sahajanand Medical Technologies is the first Indian Modern Scientific Medical Devices Company in the world to discover “Biodegradable Polymer Stent” for Angioplasty
'Biodegradable Polymer Stent' designs innovated by Sahajanand Medical Technologies (SMT) have been accepted & approved by Cardiologists, researchers & operators from 37 countries all over the world. SMT is authenticated world wide as the first Indian company to develop Biodegradable Polymer Stent as the legend, in field of Modern Scientific Polymer Stents; Dr. Antineo Colombo used the SMT's Stent during a live demonstration at the Angioplasty conference. Because of the innovation of 'Biodegradable Polymer Stent' by Sahajanand reputed stent producing companies all over the globe has been forced to decrease their price tags.
Angioplasty is the term in medical science for the procedure of mechanically widening a narrowed or totally obstructed blood vessel (arteries) that have been blocked due to dumping of cholesterol & other fatty deposits. The Angioplasty can only be performed by the Cardiologists having super specialist DM degree.
With continuous developments in medical technologies, Angioplasty has also passed through various R&D efforts. In the early years, Balloon procedure was in practice for blocked Artery, but within short span of 6 months 30 to 35 % patients suffer from restenosis. In effect, new and more effective technology compared to Balloon Technology was discovered called ‘Stenting’. The word 'Stent' comes from the 'Tentistry'. Stents are most advanced, tiny, expandable slotted tubes or mesh tubes made of metal. They made Angioplasty procedure more effective. But in the 15% patients complained about re-stenosis owing to improper recovery. Now again question raised about how this problem can be resolved? After intensive research the 'Medicated Stent' was discovered where drug was used for better recovery. It is a modern and most effective scientific process. In this process drug is mixed with the polymer on the surface of the Stent. The drug releases with specific amount per day and sets more effective recovery after 6 weeks of Stent placement. After 6 weeks drug release process completes as normally patients recover within span of 2 to 4 weeks patients don’t need such drugs. This type of  stent  was  innovated-
Company started producing stents with new, extraordinary concept of “Biodegradable Polymer”. Development & marketing of such stents was not an easy task as multinational companies and well-known Cardiologists were using “Biostable Polymer”. Although the R&D team at Sahajanand continued their efforts without loosing courage. During the time when this research was undertaken, the world of medical technology was unable to decide between Biostable or Biodegradable. But now it is proved that Biostable polymer stays for long in the coronary artery that might cause blood clots in vessels while in Biodegradable stent polymer diffuses with time, thus this technology is now considered more effective and secure.
Sahajanand Medical Technologies takes pride for the fact that the scientists and Cardiologists around the world are using “Biodegradable” Technology in interest of the patients. In a way, Biodegradable Polymer Stent Technology from “Sahajanand Medical Technologies” seems to be the 'Path Breaking' and 'Pioneer' technology in the world. Noticeable concern is the cost of stent which is decided as Rs.70,000 by the company, choosing affordability over profit making. Now, middle classes can also afford Angioplasty. Because of this successful development of low priced stents, multinational companies are forced to reduce the cost of Stent from 1.50 lacs to 1 lac.
Sahajanand Medical Technologies has once again proved that Indian companies can compete with R&D based companies worldwide. Today, stents from Sahajanand are being used successfully in more than 37 countries across the world including progressing nations like South America, Brazil, Argentina, Italy, Greece, and Germany.
Medical Technologies and actively contributing in further R&D work.
For benefit of the patients, Sahajanand is making its stents more authentic with taking a noticeable move. Sahajanand collaborated with the well-known insurance company and insured its stents. Now, if there is any problem or failure of the Stent (possibility is lesser than 3 to 4%) patients can make insurance claim & get help for next stenting procedure. This step is taken for the benefit of the patient & is hugely acceptable.
Insured Stents from Sahajanand
Among the world’s top five Stents manufacturing companies, Sahajanand Medical Technologies from Surat is as capable as its counterparts. In fact, it is best among others as only Sahajanand Medical Technologies guarantees the best performance of their biodegradable polymer Stent. As per the chairman, Shree Dhirajlal Kotadia, after multiple inspections insurance company permitted the Stent Insurance Policy. So now, after using Sahajanand Medical Technologies' Stent patient will get complete compensation for treatment from the insurance company in case of any complication within one year (possibility is lesser than 3 to 4%). No other company in the world is providing such guaranty.
Sahajanand Medical Technologies's Chairman Mr. Dhirajlal Kotadia's Incredible Success
After achieving incredible success in Textile and Diamond industry by providing next generation technology through well known name Sahajanand Technologies, Mr. Dhirajlal Kotadia has now provided the medical industry with such engineering technology which has taken him to international heights of success.
Heart blockages, where the heart arteries become narrow, are solved by fitting stents with the help of angioplasty to increase the blood supply. Looking at the price of such stents Mr. Dhirajlal Kotadia thought of providing a best and cost effective product to the patients. He started a detailed research on stents. He came to know that after all it was a subject of engineering, in which he is a wizard. He visited major cities to get complete knowledge of stents, but didn't get exactly what he was looking for. Not getting hopeless by it he started visiting various engineering colleges' libraries to get more knowledge and also met few more doctors, who told him that he can get the complete details about the project only after one and a half years. One and a half year was a too long period. Time was running. He accepted the challenge in 1998 itself and designed his first Stent. Balloon angioplasty with the help of which Stent is fitted was innovated in Switzerland. The first Stent was fitted in Switzerland in 1986. In 1994 American FDA approved the product.
In India the first stent was used by AIIMS – All India Institute of Medical Science in 1991. Infact till 1994-95 no Stent, manufacture in India, was accepted internationally. Johnson and Johnson's “Plaz" and Medtronic's “Victor” were the only Stents available in India and to the rest of the world.
During those days, India was legging behind in technology by 5-7 years. Mr. Dhirajlal Kotadia took the mission of producing stents with the same quality but  at  a lower cost.  And  after  many  successful-
quality trials Sahajanand Medical launched its own 'Bare Metal Stent' (BMS) in market with the name of “Millenium Matrix” in the year 2000. After 2000A.D some changes were made and a new type Drug Eluting Stent (DES) was used and then one stent was worth one lac. In 2003 Sahajanand launched a 'Drug Eluting Stent' “Infinnium”. That too was changed for better and came “Non Polymeric non carbon coated DES”. Stent launched by Sahajanand was at a price was half the price of other Stent, India who was technically seven years behind took over the Western countries just due to Sahajanand. Today Dhirajlal's Sahajanand Medical owns a position among top 5 producers of Stent in the World. In 1999 it became the first ever company in India to successfully produce a Stent and started exporting it to 37 countries.
Sahajanand started producing five different types of Stents and cardiologists all over the world started trusting Sahajanand's Stents to a limit that if a time comes when they have to fit a Stent in their heart they would prefer Sahajanand Stents. Dhirajlal says that this is done by the aim that medical treatment should be such, which can be affordable by our people. This is the first step for affordable prices in this country.
by the firm based in USA; this was known as “Biostable Polymer Stent”. This stent releases drug in a specific amount but the polymer remains intact. This stent was premiumly tagged with Rs. 1.5 lacs. Now, it was crucial to develop stents at lower cost as middle class could not afford such premium price.
Sahajanand Medical Technologies is a well known company with its R&D establishments in Surat.
This technology is so widely accepted now as the legend of   the  Modern  Scientific Polymer Stent, Dr. Antineo Colombo, used SMT's Stent in Angioplasty International conference, for his live demonstration. Sahajanand Medical Technologies’ Stent has been implanted in the heart of present Health Minister of Brazil. India's best Cardiologists are now using & promoting Stent  from Sahajanand-